Orfa Visser

Orfa Visser (Ornament factory Visser) has been a leading international supplier for almost 100 years, specialized in spinning, deep drawing, flange milling and welding. Orfa Visser is active in a wide range of markets. The most important criteria for selecting the right supplier are: dependability, quality and efficiency. At Orfa Visser, these critical success factors are guaranteed.

Our company is committed to carrying out your projects efficiently and to the highest quality requirements. Orfa Visser has a modern and extensive machine inventory, with which we produce high-quality, precision-made, semi-manufactured products. Because we have a huge range of machining processes in-house, we can also supply fully-finished products.

Our history

Leading international supplier of 4 disciplines:

  • Metal spinning (Ø10 – Ø3000 en till 12 mm thickness)
  • Deep drawing (fully automated till 250 ton and conventional till 400 ton)
  • Flanging (Ø315 – Ø2400 and till 12 mm thickness )
  • Welding (mig, mag, tig, spot, plasma and robot welding


Great delivery performance and quality can only be guaranteed, if the logistics production control is fully automated. At Orfa Visser, the entire process has been secured in an ERP system since 1996. All matters, from a request for inquiry up to and including the financial transaction, are processed in this system.

Quality inspections during the manufacturing process are habitual at Orfa Visser. Through our own quality control system, it is for you, our customer, possible to indicate how high “the bar” should be. During the control process, all inspections and all parameters are documented. Before delivery to e.g. the aircraft- or automotive industry, we carry out strict inspections on all our processes. Also the products are inspected on their measurements. The details are all documented in test reports. Being our customer, you can indicate which certificates should be subject to your order.

Being the supplier for 4 different disciplines, on-time delivery is always of great importance to all of our customers. The current trend of lean manufacturing forces industrial manufacturing companies, such as Orfa Visser, to keep their costs low, and to offer delivery times that are as short and as reliable as possible.

By using shopfloorcontrol Orfa Visser supplies its specialists on the work floor with insights into their tasks. The system is provided with information from the graphical planning in our elaborate ERP system. From this graphical planning, the worker is scheduled according to priority. Besides, it is possible to register hours on relevant orders in the same computer screen. Our specialists report processes as completed. As a result our sales department has the possibility to monitor the workflow.

By using real-time production planning, our lead times are more insightful and adjustable, whereby our customers can count on the agreed delivery time.

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Orfa Visser delivers “ex works” in Dronten. Upon request, we can arrange transport
so that you don’t have to worry about that. We use the services of our reliable logistical transport partner.

Our logistical transport partner delivers within 24 hours throughout the Netherlands and within 72 hours throughout Europe. They are able to react quickly and they also value service and quality. All their lorries are equipped with board computers, so every shipment can be monitored meticulously. Our logistical transport partner coordinates, looks after and protects your products, made by ORFA VISSER, with care from A to Z.