Great delivery

By using real-time production planning, our lead times become more intelligible and adjustments can be made faster so that our customers can rely on the agreed delivery time.


Quality can only be guaranteed if the logistics production control is fully automated. At Orfa Visser, the entire process has been secured in an ERP system since 1996. Orfa Visser is ISO 9001 certified.


At the 20,000 m2 industrial site in Dronten, products and semi-finished products are manufactured with the highest possible quality using state-of-the-art technology.

We provide the following services



Welding is one of the many processes for which you can turn to Orfa Visser. And while nothing is as flexible as the traditional welding method, robot welding offers enough flexibility to weld smaller batches with a recurring pattern. In addition, robot welding has some special advantages that could determine this choice.

persen metaal

Deep drawing

Deep drawing, One of our specialties

Metal forming by deep drawing is one of the 4 activities of Orfa Visser, where the metal is deformed by a press. Deep drawing is the ideal way to seamlessly deform metal. The technology can be used for all kinds of metal and is suitable for producing many different types of shapes. In addition to deep-drawing presses with a maximum capacity of 400 tonnes, Orfa Visser also has various eccentric presses. Orfa Visser is a true specialist in deep-drawing.

Orfa Visser applies automatic deep-drawing techniques, and has also the possibility of using a robotic supply- and removal process.



For this technology we use flange-rolling machines that are specially developed for us. With these machines, flanges and nozzles are manufactured, on rolled and welded hulls, for the purpose of inflow and outflow cones, venturias and numerous metal adapters and connectors, that are used for ventilation technology, among other applications.


Metal spinning

Seamless metal forming by metal spinning is one of Orfa Visser’s four machining specializations. The realized products have a round shape and they range in size from a thimble to a tank or silo floor. The maximum possible diameter is almost three meters.

We're active in the following branches

aerospace vliegtuig


Orfa Visser has more than 40 years of experience in handling the requirements for the aviation sector, including the application the strictest quality standards and procedures. Safety and reliability are the very first concern. Our experience in the aviation has made it possible for us to develop a specific expertise with aluminium, Inconel and titanium. All materials must continuously perform under the most extreme circumstances. Aluminium has been used for many years in the aviation industry. In order to reduce the mass, to be lifted from the ground, one continuously searches for possibilities to apply lighter constructions within the airplane. On the one hand this means research for new and stronger alloys and, on the other hand, constructive adaptations. Here one can think of the development of seat frames, trolleys and working plates in the pantry, which all are now made of aluminium. The Inconel alloy is designed to resist high temperatures and to prevent corrosion, for example in gas turbines. Inconel is also frequently used for exhaust components in aeroplanes. Titanium alloys are frequently used because this metal is strong, light and highly corrosion-resistant. It is also highly resistant to extreme temperature fluctuations, which is why it is used in rockets.

Customers of Orfa Visser in the aerospace are for instance companies that produce:
aeroplane components for the worldwide aircraft and space exploration industries, such as tail sections, wings and parts of the rump, shock absorbers, aeroplane components and equipment.