The agricultural sector is characterized by its innovative capacity. Companies in this sector develop solutions, which are adapted to the demands of their customers and the requirements of the market. The corresponding products often have to fulfil the increasingly strict environmental requirements and laws that are applicable to the sector. In the agricultural sector, the functionality and quality of the products are more important than the final design. Technologies such as metal spinning, flange rolling and welding are frequently used for serving this sector as a contract supplier.

Customers of Orfa Visser in the agricultural sector are for instance companies that produce:
agricultural tools, milking installations, feeding troughs, fertiliser spreaders, ridge formers, storage facilities, air humidifier, cauliflower harvesters, mowing machines, fruit processing machines and harvesting machines, e.g. potato harvesters.

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Examples of products that Orfa Visser produces for these companies, as a contract supplier, are:

Diabolo rollers, discs, dishes, lids, seals, protective caps, cauliflower pots, casings, nebulizers, caps, wheel covers, bowls, piglet troughs, troughs, diabolos, chain guards, disc spinal formers, throwing discs, funnels, cones, subsoilers, washers, dust covers, drums, strings cabinets, truncated cones, feeding troughs, safety plates, spreading plates, cutter holders, cones and manure distribution stations. All of this is possible in aluminium, steel and stainless steel, amongst others.

The advantages of contracting out the manufacture of products for the Agricultural to Orfa Visser are:
  • Metal forming up to a maximum of 12 mm thickness
  • Metal forming up to maximum Ø 3000 mm
  • Seamless design possibilities
  • Numerous metal processing technologies available in-house
  • Metal forming of special alloys
  • Proprietary tool manufacturing
  • Possibility of manufacturing small, medium and large series
  • ISO 9001 certification
  • Daily management that is still in the hands of the owner