Deep drawing, One of our specialties

Metal forming by deep drawing is one of the 4 activities of Orfa Visser, where the metal is deformed by a press. Deep drawing is the ideal way to seamlessly deform metal. The technology can be used for all kinds of metal and is suitable for producing many different types of shapes. In addition to deep-drawing presses with a maximum capacity of 400 tonnes, Orfa Visser also has various eccentric presses. Orfa Visser is a true specialist in deep-drawing.

Orfa Visser applies automatic deep-drawing techniques, and has also the possibility of using a robotic supply- and removal process.

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How does it work?

Products are formed into exactly the right seamless shape in one or more draws. The base material, the blank, is placed on the blank holder. The press is lowered and the blank is pressed between the drawing ring and blank holder. After the drawing ring is lowered, the press continues moulding the blank around the mandrel and giving the product its final form.

Important points of attention, during this process, are the lubrication and the blank holder force. Deep drawing is an excellent technique for creating e.g. round forms. Beside several deep drawing presses, Orfa Visser also has eccentric presses and an automated angle bender.

Fully automatic deep drawing

Even fully automatic deep drawing is possible at Orfa Visser.
The robotized supply- and removal process ensures that the end product is manufactured from start to finish without any human intervention.

We are experienced in the deep drawing of the following materials: Stainless steel, Steel and Aluminum.

More information about deep drawing?

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