Welding is one of the many processes for which you can turn to Orfa Visser. And while nothing is as flexible as the traditional welding method, robot welding offers enough flexibility to weld smaller batches with a recurring pattern. In addition, robot welding has some special advantages that could determine this choice.

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How does it work?

We use a special welding robot for robot welding. In a 3D view the product to be welded is shown on the screen. The parts are placed in the welding jig and the robot welding can start. To guarantee a high welding quality, it is crucial to use the correct welding template and adjustments.

Typical benefits
To be able to meet all wishes of its clients, Orfa Visser has various welding robots available. We notice that more and more products are perfectly suitable for automated welding. Laser cutting and automated CNC edges are ideal pre-treatments for robot welding and are frequently used in the production of complex products.

Robot welding

Although the traditional welding method offers the most flexibility , robotic welding offers sufficient flexibility to weld smaller batches with a recurring pattern. The big advantage is to be found in the high consistency of the welding quality.

Welding Techniques

You can contact us for the following welding techniques:
  • mig / may welding;
  • tig welding;
  • spot welding;
  • plasma welding;
  • robot welding.
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More information about robot welding?

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