For this technology we use flange-rolling machines that are specially developed for us. With these machines, flanges and nozzles are manufactured, on rolled and welded hulls, for the purpose of inflow and outflow cones, venturias and numerous metal adapters and connectors, that are used for ventilation technology, among other applications.

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How does it work?

We use machines that can roll a flange or inflow edge on one or both sides of rolled and longitudinally welded jackets with a diameter of 315 mm to 2400 mm. After rolling the desired shape, holes may be punched during the same clamping.

The flanges can be rolled perpendicularly or with a radius, it is even possible to roll back an edge afterwards. Inflow edges of different shapes and radia can also be rolled in this way.

High level of accuracy

During rolling, the tubing is held in a special die, so that it retains its round shape. This enables the flanges to be rolled with the highest level of accuracy. Experience shows that the weld is not damaged by rolling. With great precision the desired number of holes can than be made in the right position in the correct pitch circle.

More information about flanging?

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