Equipment manufacturing is a knowledge-intensive sector that is especially characterized by project-oriented works, which includes engineering, assembly and contract works as major operational processes. This industrial sector is traditionally seen as a part of heavy industry. Nowadays, many smaller companies coming from light to medium-heavy industry are also active in this sector. For many organisations in the sector, the focus lies on innovation and R&D. The development of advanced equipment is a result of this focus. Orfa Visser is a supplier that likes to think along with you at an early stage, to investigate the possibilities with regard to the processing technologies that we offer.

Customers of Orfa Visser in the equipment manaufacture are for instance companies that manufacture:
process equipment, industrial burners, accelerator systems, high voltage connectors, steam boilers, process boilers, air intake and exhaust systems for gas turbines, HVCD systems, centrifuge technology, flare installations, columns, heat and power co-generation installations, oil and water separators, sieving machines, beer systems, gas filters, oil filters, wastewater cleaning installations, waste incineration facilities, storage tanks and filling machines.

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Examples of products that Orfa Visser produces as a contract supplier for these companies are:

receptacles, manhole covers, lids, collectors, venturi devices, cone reducers, spherical segments, cones, drums, pipe elbows, burner heads, connection flanges for indoor and outdoor use, turbine parts, bottoms, half-spheres, baffles, boiler edges, suspension rings, parabolic kettles, conical timpani, water sprinklers, round discs, influx and flow-through parts, covering plates, nozzles, skids for gas distribution stations, domes, radiation caps, tumbler drums, shells, spherical caps, equipotential rings, equipotential planes, gas distribution facilities and casings with flanges. All of these are possible in aluminium, steel and stainless steel, amongst others.

The advantages of contracting out the manufacture of products for the machinery to Orfa Visser are:
  • Metal forming up to a maximum of 12 mm thickness
  • Metal forming up to maximum Ø 3000 mm
  • Seamless design possibilities
  • Numerous metal processing technologies available in-house
  • Metal forming of special alloys
  • Proprietary tool manufacturing
  • Possibility of manufacturing small, medium and large series
  • ISO 9001 certification
  • Daily management that is still in the hands of the owner