Silo construction

Silo construction is a sector in which the designers of silos not only have to take into account the stored product and product characteristics; also the environmental factors of the exact location, such as wind load, the risk of earthquakes and local regulations must be taken into account. All of these aspects are important in the selection of the type of construction, the material, the wall thickness, the dimensions and the type of segments. Builders of silos often manufacture the segments for the silos in their own production facilities. From there the segments are transported by freight lorry or sea container to the end customer. At the construction site, the flanges at the segments are built together, after which the inside of the silo is hermetically sealed off by welding the seams. Orfa Visser is a supplier that likes to think along with you at an early stage, to investigate the possibilities within the processing technologies that we offer.

Customers of Orfa Visser in the silo construction are for instance companies that build:
silos or tanks for the storage of drinking water, wastewater, salt, concrete, grain, corn, cattle fodder, oil, manure and chemicals, as well as the storage of starch, sludge and plastic granulate.

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silo construction


Examples of products that Orfa Visser produces as a supplier for these companies are:

cones, funnels, hoppers, collars, ducts, rings, reducers, sieves, spherical caps, agitators and panels with flanges. All of these are possible in aluminium, steel and stainless steel, amongst others.

The advantages of contracting out the manufacture of products for the silo construction to Orfa Visser are:
  • Metal forming up to a maximum of 12 mm thickness
  • Metal forming up to maximum Ø 3000 mm
  • Seamless design possibilities
  • Numerous metal processing technologies available in-house
  • Metal forming of special alloys
  • Proprietary tool manufacturing
  • Possibility of manufacturing small, medium and large series
  • ISO 9001 certification
  • Daily management that is still in the hands of the owner