Ventilation technology

In the area of ventilation technology, Orfa Visser uses state-of-the-art technologies for the manufacture of high-quality products, with regard to both standard products and customised products to the requirements of our customers. The sector for ventilation technology is continuously innovating in the area of energy savings, noise reduction and sustainability. Many of our customers therefore already use EC motors with regulated RPM, which consume less energy and make less noise. Technologies such as metal spinning, flange rolling and welding are frequently used to serve this sector as a contract supplier.

Customers of Orfa Visser in the ventilation technology are for instance companies that produce:
radial ventilators, axial ventilators, air conditioning for ships, parking garages, residential construction, utility construction and industry, roof ventilators, industrial ventilators, filter cabinets, filtration installations, vacuum cleaner installations, industrial exhaust systems, dusts separators, exhaust installations, de-dusting installations, atomisation technology, blowers or cyclones.

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Examples of products that Orfa Visser produces as a supplier for these companies are:

fan casings with a single or double bellmouth, fan casings with a single or double flange, fan casings with bellmouth and flange, influx rims, exhaust outlets, cover plates, suction supports, ventilation ducts, protective plates for impellers, swirl diffusers, housings for duct fans, inlet cones, impellers, venturis, ferrules, inlet rims, filter housings, wall rings, influx rings, conical cover plates, nozzles and components of roof ventilators. All of this is possible in aluminium, steel and stainless steel, amongst others.

The advantages of contracting out the manufacture of products for the ventilation technology to Orfa Visser are:
  • Metal forming up to a maximum of 12 mm thickness
  • Metal forming up to maximum Ø 3000 mm
  • Seamless design possibilities
  • Numerous metal processing technologies available in-house
  • Metal forming of special alloys
  • Proprietary tool manufacturing
  • Possibility of manufacturing small, medium and large series
  • ISO 9001 certification
  • Daily management that is still in the hands of the owner