The construction sector is characterized by a great diversity of companies. It is a sector that is continuously in movement and never stands still. The construction industry is a sector that is very sensitive to economic fluctuations. When the economy expands the demand for larger and new buildings rises, and the opposite takes place when the economy shrinks. The construction industry often demands serial production. Technologies such as metal spinning, flanging and welding are frequently used to serve this sector as a contract supplier.

Customers of Orfa Visser in the construction are for instance companies that produce:
floor finishing machines, construction materials, rotating and sliding gates, equipment for dust control, concrete mixing plants, parking device, tooling for the concrete indusry, truck mixers, fall protecting for the construction industry and installation companies, concrete blocks, fire hose reels, concrete mixtures, products for utility construction works, concrete silos, storage tanks and silo installations.


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Examples of products that Orfa Visser produces as a contract supplier for these companies are:

tapers, cones, floors, hemispheres, manholes, dishes, cogs, small gas tanks, reel plates, mantles, discs, plates, supporting shells, domes, drainage channels, hose adapters, round coverers, pallet feet, housings, metal stickers, concrete moulds, drum bases and sealing caps. All of these are possible in aluminium, steel and stainless steel, amongst others.


The advantages of contracting out the manufacture of products for the construction to Orfa Visser are:
  • Metal forming up to a maximum of 12 mm thickness
  • Metal forming up to maximum Ø 3000 mm
  • Seamless design possibilities
  • Numerous metal processing technologies available in-house
  • Metal forming of special alloys
  • Proprietary tool manufacturing
  • Possibility of manufacturing small, medium and large series
  • ISO 9001 certification
  • Daily management that is still in the hands of the owner