Orfa Visser BV has invested in a new and even more powerful metal spinning machine. The Leifeld SC316S machine was delivered in September; it has a forming capacity upto 1600 millimeter with a force of 10 tonnes on the longitudinal support and 14 tonnes on the upper support. The machine is the most powerful in Europe at this moment.


The machinery allows Orfa Visser BV to produce small and large series up to a diameter of 2.5 meter. A number of the CNC controlled machines are fitted with robots. “The latest machine can easily handle material thicknesses of 12 mm for stainless steel and steel thicknesses of 15 mm and aluminium of 20 mm”, according to Gerard Meijerink of Orfa Visser’s sales department. “With increasing amounts of orders the CNC machine will also be fitted with a robot.”
For medium-sized and large series Orfa Visser BV offers fully automated production lines. After feeding the product out of a buffer the robot takes care of the handling. Smart grips that perform several operations, pick up the sheets followed by the processed product. The automated loading and unloading process allows production without human interference. After receiving the program Orfa Visser is able to switch very fast between series and start producing again.
Next to the automatic processes, the company has internally qualified craftsmen who can force single product manually with lathes and rolling machines. This materials and forcing expertise is also valuable when programming the CNC systems by one of the 45 employees.

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