Freedom Museum Groesbeek NL


The new National Freedom Museum has a special roof construction, supplied by Shaded Dome Technologies, with Orfa Visser supplying special spacers for the advanced construction. The Freedom Museum is located on the outskirts of Groesbeek in the area where Operation Market Garden and the Rhineland Offensive took place. With the Shaded Dome as a roof, the building has a distinct and recognizable shape that refers to the thousands of parachutes that filled the air back in 1944 during Operation Market Garden. In addition, the new building also evokes the memory of the museum’s former memorial dome, designed by architect Antoon Croonen. The new museum has opened in September 2019 when the activities have started at the commemoration of 75 years of Freedom and Operation Market Garden.

Museum director Wiel Lenders: “With the Shaded Dome, the new Freedom Museum is an extremely efficient and energy-efficient building with minimal use of materials. In addition, operating costs are low and the materials used can be recycled. ”

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