Artwork at school from waste

Michel Simons from SIVERO METAAL in Roggel explains:

“During a teacher visit of an intern the conversation turned to steel waste. “What are you doing with that waste?” the question was, “Making works of art.” was my answer. We have often made artworks from residual material and I showed the teacher. This appealed to him and he suggested that the students of his school should get involved: “Then they can show their creativity.” No sooner said than done. I had have this idea (bulb) on the shelf for a long time, but it is very labor-intensive due to the large amount of sawing, so in order to realize it a mold had to be made. We ended up at OFRA VISSER in Dronten, where else ;-). We explained to Arjan (Sales department) what it was all about and within a week the hemisphere was ready and we could get started. The filling for the sphere with a diameter of 1000 mm had already been sawn by the students and they were immediately able to start working. It was a challenge to get the 2 hemispheres to fit together, but it worked out nicely. In the photo you see the result. The mold may be used more often in the future, we also want to make a large round lamp, if there is any time and enthusiasm. We will keep you informed. ”

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